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About Lot Bank

The Lot Bank is the only online information platform 100% dedicated to the marketing and sale of  residential lots. The Lot Bank places the consumer in control of the search, planning, financing, and direct purchase of a residential lot for their personal residence or next building project. Since 2007, the national real estate market has been in a state of mass confusion. THELOTBANK.COM clears a path for home construction in the future.

The Lot Bank offers easy-to-understand lot, subdivision, and surrounding community information, while linking potential buyers and sellers together for the sole purpose of property exchange. For sale by owners, foreclosures and traditional listed brokered property are all succinctly cataloged with a powerful search and retrieval engine. The Lot Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lanier Lion LLC, a financial services organization with an 80 year track record of delivering strong housing and financial products to the consumer.
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